Monday, April 13, 2020

Hello artists!

I hope you have had some time to look around this website and find some inspiration for projects. Your weekly assignment is as follows:

1) Find inspiration. You may look at the weekly art task, or on the resources page. Or you may have your own ideas for what you'd like to make, which is also great!

2) Make it! Find your materials, set up your workspace, talk about what you're making with an adult, envision your idea, observe details, reflect on how it's progressing, persist past problems that arise, and clean up your area, just like in art class. 

3) Send me a picture of what you made, at [email protected]. I will post it to the online gallery to share. 

Hope you're all well. I look forward to hearing from you!

Ms. Stewart


Monday, March 16, 2020

Dear artists of Erving Elementary, 

You have come up with amazing ideas and expressed yourselves so well in art this year. You’ve created and drawn, sculpted and printed, collaged, stitched and assembled. Your challenge is to do this now on your own! You don’t need fancy art materials! A box. Scissors. Magazines. Cut, curl and bend paper to make new worlds…or draw in the dirt with a stick. It is up to you!

Our classes have prepared you well for this - you’ve practiced how to come up with ideas on your own, how to select materials to work with, how to set up and clean up your work space, how to persist past problems, how to revise and edit, and how to share and offer feedback. I welcome you to work on your own and share your projects, whatever you make. I also will post ideas now and then to keep those creative juices flowing. They’re optional, and can be changed around as you wish. Feel free to email me a picture of what you made and I will post it in our online gallery. 

I miss you all and wish you well.

Ms. Stewart

[email protected]