More Resources

2D Art

Relax with a doodle

Watercolor Splotches
What can you turn them into?

Found Object Stamping
What shapes can you make?

3D Art

Paper Clay Bowls
DIY Instructions to make paper clay and use a mold

Tinfoil Figures
A simple method for sculpting a person or animal. 

Marble Run Challenge
Build a marble run that takes exactly 60 seconds, top to bottom. 



Marion Dechaurs' Fingerprint Fun

Don't have a stamp pad? Color on your finger with a marker instead.
fingerprint creatures

Jacob Intile's Magazine Collages

Have some magazines lying around? Get out the scissors and glue!

Carol Milne's knitted glass
See below if you'd like to learn how to fingerknit


Tate Kids

Videos about various artists and art movements

tate website

Art Assignment
A PBS project that interviews famous contemporary artists, who then provide an assignment for you inspired by their own artwork. 

art assignment website

Book: I'm not JUST a scribble, by Diane Alber


Tips for using colored pencils

Be patient - the best tips are at the end of the video

Fingerknitting basics

Want to learn to knit, but don't have the needles?

Optical Illusion Art

Make a flat drawing seem three dimensional!