Second Grade Families,

HeartWarm and loving greetings to you all from home!  I would like to share some optional ideas of sites and learning goals with you all.  Keep in mind that the health and well being of you all is the ultimate goal as we navigate each new day.  Please be sure to enjoy the outdoors together while finding your balance of the use of screens.  Fresh air and exercise are therapeutic for us all! :o)

Along with our daily read alouds and writing prompts on ClassDojo, you will find a selection of links below in the area of literacy (reading and writing), mathematics and science.  I plan to add to these every few days.  Please let me know if you have any questions as you explore them.  ClassDojo’s message portion continues to be a good way for us to communicate privately.  
Feel free to post anything your child is particularly proud of in their portfolio portion of ClassDojo.  I would LOVE to see their work!  I will take a look, comment and “approve” your post so it is visible for future reference.  

The best way to foster literacy skills at home is to read to and with your child, discuss the text and engage actively with print.  Daily journaling (or responding to the daily read aloud) is also an authentic way for your child to engage in the writing process.

Story Line Online is a wonderful site that provides various picture books read aloud by various actors and actresses.  The class is familiar with this site as we have used it in school a few times.

Starfall provides many engaging jingles and activities that correlate with some of the spelling rules we have learned in class.

This is a list of games to be played with a deck of playing cards.  I would recommend games 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 to foster second grade math skills.  Remind your child of the importance of grouping numbers versus counting on by ones.  We have practiced this skill quite a bit in school.  (If I know 5+5=10 then I also know 5+6=11. OR If 3+4=7 then 23+14=37.)  You can also vary these games to create different totals.  (A total of 10 or 20 vs. 100 with game #10 for instance.)  Have fun!

Exploring the outdoors together is the best way to keep your child actively curious about the world around them.  Take a hike and discuss signs of spring (or winter!) that you see around you, collect various items to create an art project, paint kindness rocks and leave them for future hikers, discuss various adaptations (a term your child is familiar with) the animals in that habitat may utilize to survive, the options are endless!

Mystery Science is a fabulous site that is loaded with engaging experiments, thought provoking questions and scientific ideas to explore.  This lesson teaches how hand sanitizer works!  How timely!  ;o)  (I will send links to other lessons as I actively add to this list of resources.)